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Anyone who loves his father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; Anyone who loves his son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me; And anyone who does not take His cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me.  Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.  Matthew 10:37-38


If you don’t know Christ Jesus as your very own Savior and Lord  – I want to invite you to read the “Heavenly Marriage Proposal” at the top of my home page to see how you can have a real, living, intimate relationship with Him and accept His marriage proposal to you to be part of His bride, the church, in heaven!!   You are deeply loved by God!  He alone is the perfect Husband.  You are always welcome to contact me about how to accept Christ into your life and how to live for Him!  JESUS IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!


If you do know Christ as your Savior – I would like to ask you to do a heart check today.  Is He also TRULY your Lord? If you are full of anxiety and trying to control things yourself and MAKE everything happen “just right” – is it possible that you have put yourself up as god of your life?  Or could you be worshipping being “in control”?  If fear, anxiety and worry are the hallmarks of your daily emotional and mental life – it’s time to dig down deep into your soul and uproot any idols and false beliefs about God.   Do you obey God’s Word no matter if you disagree with it or if it is inconvenient?  Does God control your decisions and call the shots for you?  Is there something, or multiple things that you are holding back from Him?  I used to be TERRIFIED to surrender control of certain things to Jesus.  Until I began to know Him so much more intimately.

I used to think these verses were WAY HARSH.  How could Jesus really ask me to love Him more than my parents or my family?  That’s going a bit overboard, right?

Well…  I totally get it now.

He is not asking for anything from me that He hasn’t already done for me Himself.  He gave up EVERYTHING to be able to be with me.  He gave up heaven, His constant communion with His Father, His sinlessness, His glory, His comfort, His safety, His body, His blood, His life, His love, His forgiveness, His mercy, His grace…  There is NOTHING He hasn’t done for me in order for me to have the chance to accept His gift of an intimate ONE SPIRIT relationship with me.  He wants to come to live in my soul, in my body, in my life – to know me  and to be known by me.  And He wants me to live with Him forever in perfect unity in heaven.  He wants that deep, living, intimate relationship with you, too!


He asks for the same loyalty of me that He has shown for me.  He is not asking me to die in His place to take His punishment.  Of course, He didn’t deserve punishment, I did.  Although, it is possible He may ask me to be willing to give up my life for His Name.  There are many thousands of people each year who are martyred for their love for Jesus.  He does call me to love Him more than I love my own life.  But whether I am actually martyred or not, He is worthy of me sacrificing my will and my life for His desires EVERY DAY.  He is worthy of me taking up my cross to follow Him and my dying to myself and living for Him.

He is MY Hero.  He is asking me to honor Him, worship Him, submit to Him, trust Him, obey Him, love Him with all that I am, and not let anything come before my devotion for Him in my soul.

This is a covenant relationship similar to marriage – but MUCH deeper.  The husband and wife commit to each other completely. Do I put Him in His rightful place in my heart and life – or are there idols that I prioritize over my Lord?  He’s not Lord if I serve some other master.  Am I willing to give up EVERYTHING else for Him?


If there is something I am holding back – children, marriage, spouse, money, job, health, retirement, power, a nice house, nice things, dreams, safety,  plans, control, comfort, freedom…  Jesus says I am not worthy of Him.  If I am trusting the government, or having a job, or having electricity, food and gasoline more than I am trusting Him – there is a BIG problem in my relationship with my Lord!   Those things are idols if I can’t willingly release them into His hands and trust Him to do what is best for me and what will bring Him the greatest glory.  Even if it hurts.

That’s scary at first.  When I didn’t know how BIG and how LOVING Jesus is – surrendering and submitting to Him was scary.  Just like before I understood how wonderful my husband really was, submitting to him seemed really scary, too.  The more I began to trust my husband, the more I saw how strong, responsible and dependable he really is – it became easier and easier to give up control and trust him.

It was the same with God – I thought He was small, fairly powerless and impotent (if I really examined my heart).  The thing is, even if I try to hang on tightly to the people and things I care about – I DON’T actually control anything.  It is an illusion that I have control!  How much better, then, to trust the loving God of the universe Who actually IS in control.  When I surrendered control to my husband – he could have decided to take my trust and abuse me.  But that is NOT AT ALL WHAT HAPPENED!  When he saw how much faith I had in him, he became even more godly, loving, protective, responsible and careful and he developed a heart to serve me and do what was best for me.  If a sinful man can respond like that when I put my trust in him, imagine what a Holy God will do!  He promises us that He knows how to give good gifts to His children.  And He says that we, though we are evil, give our children good things.  How much more will He give us good things when we ask Him! (His definition of “good” is not necessarily health and money – He’s thinking my long term spiritual good) The more I have come to know Him, the more His Spirit fills up every corner of my soul, the more His perfect love drives out all fear, and the more abundant life I get to experience on a daily basis – the more  I see that I WOULD BE INSANE NOT TO TRUST HIM AND OBEY HIM COMPLETELY.  I would be CRAZY to hold anything back from Him.  He always has my good and His glory in mind.

I have to be willing to hold everything loosely in my hands and allow Him to take and give as He decides is best.  When I am completely yielded – every part of my heart, soul, mind, body and life is completely yielded to Him – THAT is when His power overtakes me and supernatural GOD SIZED THINGS start to happen!  I give up some small things, and He rains down abundant blessings 100X what I gave!   This is how I begin to live in His unexplainable peace, joy, self-control, love, gentleness, faithfulness, generosity, forgiveness, grace, mercy, goodness and how I have the life I have always wanted!   My way leaves me discontent, empty, broken, useless, paralyzed, anxious, afraid, lonely and miserable.  God’s way is the only way that leads to peace and fulfillment for me.  Just like I have to yield control in marriage to find joy and contentment, I must yield control to Jesus to find abundant life spiritually!

When I know my sovereign Lord has every circumstance of my life under His divine control and is using it for His purposes, my good and His glory – I don’t have to freak out when things don’t go my way.  I can lean back and rest in His HUGE love and trust that He is working behind the scenes to make things happen that I can’t begin to even fathom or imagine.  His perfect love has driven out all fear – that is how I can have such amazing peace every day.

If I say that Jesus is my Lord – my answer to Him is always, “Yes, Lord.”  There is no “No, Lord.”

Lord Jesus,

Reveal to each of us the parts of ourselves that we are afraid to trust to Your loving, wise, all-knowing, omniscient, sovereign hands.  Help us to see how AWESOME You are!  Help us to see how small we are.  Help us to see that we are clinging to dirty rocks and pebbles tightly, afraid to trust You with our treasures, but You want to replace them with REAL, LASTING treasures, spiritual jewels and diamonds.

Open our eyes to see all the resources of heaven that are at Your command.  Open our eyes to see and know You more.  Let us long to know You more than anything!  Let us seek Your face above everything!  Let us be people who live by faith and who are filled with Your Spirit and who bring great glory to You by Your power living in us.  Let us be obedient, willing and trusting people of God.  Help us to really examine ourselves to make sure that we are putting You as Lord of lords in our hearts.  Change us!  Make us more like Christ!  Convict us of our sin and cleanse us so that You can set us aside to be useful for Your amazing purposes and plans.

In the Power of Jesus’ Name and in His will,



This is one of my favorite love songs “from Jesus” to us… POWERFUL STUFF!

THE POWER OF THE CROSS – Keith and Kristyn Getty  – We sing this one at church often, and it’s one of my favorites!  I can barely make it through singing the song out loud – Jesus’ gift to me is so unfathomable!

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