Being a godly woman does not mean that you give up all of your own ideas, opinions, desires, feelings, emotions, convictions, plans and dreams.  It does mean that you submit all of yourself and all of these things to Christ and seek His will above your own.  But – you will still be making a lot of choices for yourself – whether you are single or married.  It is important for you to be able to think for yourself, my sisters!


You will need to be able to make decisions like –

  • Do you want to go to college? What should you major in? What is God’s will?
  • What does God desire you to do about a career?
  • Handling finances
  • Deciding where to go to church and how to serve and minister to others
  • Finding godly friends
  • Deciding how to best use your time to honor Christ
  • Being a godly steward of your resources, talents, money, time and abilities
  • How to spend your free time
  • How to keep the house/apartment clean
  • What to buy
  • What to cook
  • What to eat
  • How to share Christ with others and love them
  • How to meet needs you see in the lives of people around you according to God’s will for me
  • How to live in obedience to Christ
  • How to honor those in positions of God-given authority over you
  • How to share your feelings, emotions, desires, ideas and wisdom respectfully, calmly and politely
  • How to be a godly woman
  • How to be a godly friend


Your husband will, if he is a decent man, WANT you to be able to think for yourself, to have your own personality, to have your own sense of humor, to have your own ideas, priorities, plans and desires and to have your own way of thinking.

Being a biblically submissive wife does NOT mean that a wife makes zero decisions and the husband makes 100% of the decisions!

Most of the time, a wife will make decisions like –

  • how to decorate the house and make it a home
  • how to keep her own relationship with Christ strong
  • what to buy and what to cook for her family
  • how to best take care of the children
  • possibly, she may handle the finances if her husband prefers that she do the book keeping
  • how to take care of her own body and get the exercise, rest and nutrition she needs
  • how to spend her free time
  • where to work and how to manage all of her responsibilities at work
  • how to enjoy her relationship with her extended family, but not at the expense of her marriage
  • what hobbies and interests to pursue
  • what friends to surround herself with
  • how to minister to people in her circle of influence
  • what the social calendar will be for her family
  • how to help the children with their homework
  • how to take care of the children when they are sick
  • how and when to entertain guests in the home
  • how to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries
  • how to support, bless, encourage and minister to her husband

A biblically submissive wife will still be a FULL person and maintain her own identity in Christ and her own personality. If she and her husband don’t agree on something, then she will graciously allow her husband to make the final decision and cooperate with him. But she will be sure to use her influence authority to speak her mind and heart in a respectful way.  Then she will put all of her power, strength and energy behind her husband’s leadership to bless him.

Some women think that being a godly wife means they won’t talk, won’t say what they want, won’t have feelings and should give up all of their godly influence on their husbands and families.  NO!!!!!  NO!!!  That is too far to the other extreme.  Being a controlling, disrespectful wife dishonors God. But being a doormat does not honor God either.

Let’s ask God to empower us to find that beautiful place in the middle where He desires us to be!


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