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For the past couple of months, my Pinterest home page has been flooded with wedding images from a couple of recently-engaged friends of mine.  I’m also staring in the face of the Year in Which I Will Turn Thirty, which has me feeling especially wise and experienced.

So sit down by my rocker, you little whippersnappers, and let me dispense some unsolicited advice about your upcoming nuptials.

1.  Concerning all those thoughtful little details:
(You know the ones I mean: getting “Mrs. So-and-So” engraved on the bottom of your shoe, personalized dress hangers for all of your bridesmaids, the special poem sewn onto a handkerchief to present to your mother-in-law to be, the French tip mandate for all of your bridesmaids’ toenails…)  It. Does. Not. Matter.

From a guest’s perspective, all weddings are the same.  Beautiful?  Yes.  Fun?  Most of the time.  Are we happy for you?  Absolutely.  But unless you do something really crazy, all those details just blend into Just Another Wedding.

From a bride’s perspective, yes, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.  But it’s fun to remember because it was the first of many happy days you’ve spent married to your favorite guy.  It’s fun because it’s one of the only times you get all of your friends in family in one room together.  But I don’t know any woman who remembers or cares what kind of flowers were in the arrangement over the altar, the bridesmaid who wore the non-regulation hair accessory, or the font she used to type out the program.

So…keep it simple, so you can enjoy the parts of the day that really matter.  Plus, you’ll have lots more money to spend on extra souvenirs from your honeymoon.

2.  Concerning bridesmaids’ dresses:
Let’s tell it like it is: your friends will never wear this dress again.  So just pick a dress that you like, and don’t make your besties break the bank for it.

3.  Concerning lingerie showers:
Maybe you’re different from me and every other woman I’ve known; in which case, ignore this advice.  But you probably will not actually need thirty pieces of sexy undergarments.  When you’re a newlywed, you don’t need a lot of extra excitement.  By the time things might need spicing up, you won’t fit in those tiny teddies anyway.

My advice: have a PJ shower instead.  That way your friends who are just dying for an excuse to shop at adult stores can still go crazy, but everyone else can get you some cute and comfy jams that you’ll actually wear.

4.  Concerning a handsome groom:
It is easier to get great wedding photos if you marry a hot guy.  But make sure he’s a guy who’s worth sticking with after the big day, because it won’t matter how pretty that face was if you’re cutting it out of pictures just  few years later.

5.  Concerning yourself as a wife:
Do you sit around wondering what you’ll be like when you’re married?  Here’s a big hint: what are you like now?  Maybe I was just stupid, but I was actually surprised at how normal I felt the day after my wedding; that even after a significant name change, I was still myself.  Turns out getting married won’t make you any more mature, more sexy/romantic, more confident, more <fill-in-the-blank>.  You’re still you, just with one more ring on that left hand.

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