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If you feel stressed, anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed, here are some things that may help your soul and body:

Nurture Your Soul and Your Faith


Focus on God and His character

receive Jesus as your Savior and Lord if you haven’t yet. That is the most important thing!
– sing praises to God.
– have some quiet time with the Lord.
– seek Him above all else.
– yield your mind, heart, and life fully to the Lordship and leading of Christ.
– consciously surrender control to the Holy Spirit.
– stand on God’s promises.
– study the attributes of God.

Pray for God to work in and through you

pray and trust God to lead you, ask for His help and wisdom.
– ask other believers in Christ to pray for you.
– invite God to use the trial for good.
– ask Him what spiritual treasures He has for you to learn and receive in the difficult times.
– be teachable and flexible.
– lay down rigid expectations to make room for God to work.
humble yourself before God.

Receive God’s Word, love, healing, and presence

– speak God’s promises and truths out loud.
– feast on God’s Word and let Him transform your mind.

Get rid of toxic things

– get rid of worldly influences that harm you and feed fear, worry, or discouragement.
– repent of anything in your motives, words, thoughts, or actions that dishonors Christ.
– tear out wrong thinking and replace it with God’s truth.
– have a good cry if needed.
– see if there are things you can take off your plate.
– re-evaluate your priorities.
– avoid complaining, negativity, and a critical spirit.
– get rid of bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness.
– ask God to help you see any idols in your heart.
– throw out any pride or self righteousness.

Take in good things

– meditate on scripture and thinking of good Philippians 4:8 things.
– count your blessings and write down all the things you have to be thankful for.
– seek to obey God in all things.
– be ready to give yourself and others grace.

Nurture Your Body

– eat healthy food.
– try to get rest for your body.
– take care of your health.
– take a nap.
– enjoy a favorite hobby.
– get outside in nature for a walk or exercise.

Nurture Your Relationships

– look for ways to love, bless, and serve others.
– Volunteer at church, in your neighborhood, or with a charity.
– get a hug from your boyfriend, a family member, or a friend.
– Cuddle with a baby niece/nephew, or a pet.
– spend time with those you love.
– develop a healthy sense of humor and make time to laugh and enjoy life.

Reach Out for Help

– talk with your boyfriend, if you have one, to get his wise perspective.
– talk with a godly, wise friend or mentoring woman.
– talk with a trusted, godly counselor.
– reach out for medical help if needed.


Anything you would add? <3
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