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Patience does not come naturally to me. I tend to want things now. In my own wisdom, I can be tempted to think things like:

  • Why wait for something important to happen later if it could happen right now?
  • Maybe I can just force things a bit so I can get them to happen on my timetable.
  • Oh, this seems like a great idea. I’m going to run with it at top speed. I’m sure it’s God’s will! No need to stop and pray.
  • Argh! What is the hold up? Let’s get moving. I want to get things done, not sit here “wasting my time.”

I was already despairing over not having a boyfriend the night before I met Greg. When I was 15 years old. Yep. I was crying because I was sure no guy would ever want to date me at the ripe old age of the beginning of my 10th grade year. So many unnecessary tears. So much impatience. Whew!

This mindset has led me many times to rush way ahead of God and to come up with my own solution and plan. Of course, when I have done this, it did not ever end well. When God began to work in my heart almost 9 years ago, I may have been one of the most impatient people on the planet. As a retail pharmacist, I think in terms of getting things done in the next 5-15 minutes, not months or years.

But God has a very different perspective.


He is outside of time and space. He is looking from outside of our timeline and our present ability to see one snapshot in time. He isn’t primarily concerned about the next five minutes. He is thinking in terms of what is going to be best in light of eternity.

We may hate waiting. But God has some important purposes to accomplish in our lives as we wait.

  • He wants to develop a spirit of obedience and trust in our hearts.
  • He wants the timing to be perfect to accomplish His will.
  • He wants us to grow and mature spiritually – and waiting is a lot like doing spiritual weight-lifting to help us grow stronger.
  • He wants to purify and refine our motives and faith.
  • He wants to accomplish His greatest glory.
  • He wants to bring about the greatest good for us eternally.
  • He wants to bring about the greatest good for His kingdom eternally.
  • He may have things He needs to get ready in circumstances and in other people’s lives in order to bring about His will.
  • He may want to reveal something to us at the right time in the future that will dramatically change our minds about what we desire and what is best.

For my single sisters, waiting on a boyfriend can be SUCH a painful time. And then when you have a boyfriend, there is more waiting.

There is always more waiting! The whole waiting thing never ends in this lifetime. It is something to embrace.

If we are not careful, we can easily wish our lives away as we want to rush anything that is difficult. My desire is to see us all wait patiently on God and to not rush ahead with our plans.

Some signs I am rushing ahead and not waiting on God:

  • I am very focused on my dreams and my goals and refuse to accept any other path.
  • I have to have what I want immediately or I am crushed, desperate, and devastated.
  • I feel resentful about having to wait any longer.
  • I start to doubt God and think maybe I know better than He does for my life.
  • I think it isn’t a big deal to ignore some serious red flags in a relationship with a guy.
  • I start to feel very insecure.
  • I start to worry and fret and be consumed by fears and what ifs.
  • I start looking to a man, a dating relationship, a ring, a wedding, children (or other things or people) for my sense of identity, purpose, and contentment.

Of course, it is possible to drag our feet, too. We have to avoid both extremes – running ahead of God and lagging way behind Him.

Some important truths to remember:

  • God’s wisdom is infinitely higher than mine.
  • God is good. His plans for me are good.
  • God cannot have evil intentions toward me.
  • His perspective is much better than mine. He can already see the future. He is already in the future.
  • If I am seeking Him and His will – I won’t lose out on anything good He wants to give me. I am exactly where I need to be in this moment.
  • When I start to feel anxious, I can remind myself to rest in Christ and trust in Him.
  • Jesus is the greatest Treasure there is.
  • God alone must be squarely on the throne of my life – nothing else can rival Him.
  • If God wants me to wait, perhaps there are things He wants to teach me and show me that I can be ready to receive.
  • I can enjoy the journey with my Lord, seek to obey Him, and draw closer to Him each step of the way.
  • I want to seek His glory and pleasure above all else.


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If you have learned to wait on the Lord and want to share about that experience, please do! If you are struggling with waiting and need encouragement, you are also most welcome to share.

Much love!


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