One of the greatest blessings in knowing Jesus as our Savior and Lord is that we don’t have to be shaken, no matter what happens in this world.

Our lives are built on the Solid Rock of Christ. Our foundation never crumbles. Our hope doesn’t waver. Our mission doesn’t change.

Whatever may happen in 2020 in our personal lives, our nation, or the world, we are still called by God to the same simple things:

1. Love the Lord our God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength.

2. Love all other people with the unconditional love of Christ.

We are citizens of the heavenly kingdom of King Jesus.

We are His ambassadors, sharing the Gospel of hope, shining for Christ in the darkness—and all the more as the darkness increases. We implore people to be reconciled to God through Jesus and the cross, urging everyone into the life boat of salvation as the Titanic, this world, is sinking.

We know that we are part of the united Body of Christ around the world, crying out to God in unity for His will to be done and His kingdom to come on earth. We pray together against everything God calls evil and invite His righteousness into every area of our lives.

We know that Jesus loves all people dearly and wants to extend repentance, salvation, and eternal life to them to invite them to join His family and kingdom. We know He came to set prisoners free!

We also know that God will eventually bring judgment on nations who continue to sin and refuse to repent. As we see the sin in our country, we realize that time may be short for America. We have no time to waste.

We do not see with worldly eyes but know that God is at work in mighty ways behind the scenes, accomplishing His good purposes. So we do not lose hope. We are not discouraged. We are not dismayed.

We can reach out to others with love, courage, and strength, because we see them with Jesus’ eyes and love them with His heart just like He loved us when we were still enemies of the cross.

Our hope is not in any person or political platform. Our hope is in Jesus, alone.

Whoever sits in the White House, Jesus sits on the throne in the highest heavens. He will accomplish His good purposes and no one can thwart His plan.

We will continue to yield ourselves fully to the Lordship of Jesus and offer ourselves as instruments of His love, healing, truth, and peace to those who are perishing in the darkness.

We will be on our knees, faithfully interceding and standing in the gap for the lost to be found and for wrong to be set right.

We will respond to opposition with the spiritual weapons of prayer and the Holy Spirit. We will overcome evil with good, kindness, love, and compassion.

We will seek, more than ever before, to be the salt and light Jesus calls us to be as we draw nearer to Him and deepen in our faith and love for Him. The closer we are to Jesus, the more impact He can have on the world through us.

If we have freedom, we will seek to reach everyone we can with God’s love and gospel. If we face persecution, we will do the same.

Please do not give in to fear, dear sisters! Millions and millions of Christians are praying and fasting in unity around the world to see a great movement of God in America and the world.

He is about to do something breathtaking!

God is at work right now in mighty ways.

He will purify and refine His church. He will give us courage, strength, and boldness to stand for truth and do what is right in His eyes. And He will do whatever it takes to draw many who are lost to Christ.

It will likely be a bumpy road. I don’t expect 2021 to be any smoother than 2020. Our faith may be tested more than ever before in our lifetimes. That’s okay. As long as Jesus has control, we don’t have to be afraid.

God is with us, if we belong to Christ. We can stand on His promises. We don’t have to freak out.

May God prepare and equip us for what lies ahead. May He help us to trust Him and to walk by faith. May we seek nothing but His greatest glory in our own lives, our relationships, our churches, our communities, America, and around the world.

May we be instruments of His righteousness, love, blessing, and peace.

Pray with Me:


We invite You to expose sin and darkness wherever it may be found. In our hearts, the church, the media, the government, Hollywood, businesses, schools, and our homes.  

Let Your light shine and show the depth of the corruption in our souls in our nation that we might humble ourselves before You, repenting of anything that offends You. Reveal any wicked way in us and lead us in Your everlasting way. Please cleanse us, Your people. Let us live in right relationship with You even today.

We ask for a mighty movement of Your Spirit to draw millions to Yourself in this time of chaos and upheaval. And we ask for You to help us live to please You. Help us to see opportunities to share Your love, truth, gospel, and kindness with hurting people who desperately need You.


Much love, dear sisters! ❤


Let’s keep our comments focused on the Lord not any party or politician, please. Thank you so much!

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