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This is a comment from a wife who shared on the post yesterday, “We Reap What We Sow with Our Men.” This particular wife didn’t sin against her husband with words. But it is not only with our words that we can cause catastrophic damage to our men. I appreciate her willingness to share so much!

If I may, I’d like to also add that our actions can speak louder than our words and the same principle of reaping what we sow applies. I can say with all honesty that I have never made any of the above statements or anything similar to my husband.

Using hateful words was not my weapon of choice in my marriage. I tend to be someone who keeps things bottled up inside instead, which has it’s own set of repercussions.

So while my words to my husband did not express contempt and did, in fact, express love, trust, and respect, my actions did not. Instead, my actions have communicated to my husband that I did not value his opinions, ideas, or even him as a person; that my way alone is the “right” way to do something and I won’t back down; that his way is at least ineffective if not completely foolish and wrong; that he is not my first priority; that he is not acceptable as he is, but needs to change; that I don’t trust, respect, love, or even like him. My actions have been extremely damaging in my marriage and have caused a great deal of pain to my husband.

Praise God that He has opened my eyes to my wicked sin and pride, but I continue to reap what I’ve sown. In fact, when my pride rears it’s ugly head and I start to think that my sin toward my husband isn’t as bad as other wives I’ve seen or heard about, this principle is what I remind myself of. I am reaping what I’ve sown.

When I see how much pain my husband is in, that he has completely shut me out at this point and is on the verge of walking away, I can’t help but know how great my sins against him have indeed been.

Yes, we as women have been given great power with our words and actions, more than we can understand, especially in the moment. Along with the Peacefulwife, I, too, implore you to “allow His Spirit to fill us and to use our words [and actions] to build up, encourage, affirm, bless and strengthen our men and others around us.” Imagine the rich harvest we will reap when we are able to sow the Fruit of the Spirit!


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