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From a precious sister in Christ – I appreciate her generosity in allowing me to share her story! I love this girl’s attitude towards God and her situation:

Hey April,

So I have been following your blog and Youtube videos (channel “April Cassidy”) for a few months now. I had a horrible relationship experience and broke up my engagement, so decided not to do the same mistakes again and that’s how I found you (or should I say: God brought you in my way).

I don’t know what respecting a man is, since my parents are divorced and the leader has always been my mom, and me still over my dad, but I decided to give myself a chance.

I joined an online dating site and “met” an incredible guy (haven’t met him in person yet). He is my practice material for me to apply everything I’ve learned so far in the Bible and your site and I need to say, things are going awesome!!!!

I realized that respecting him gives me self esteem and a sense of security, and it certainly takes a lot of pressure off of me.

The old me, since its a long distance relationship, if he wouldn’t text me in a day would say things like:

  • “Oh, whatever, if he doesn’t wanna date me that’s totally fine.”

But my new self decided to submit to his leadership and wait till he texted, then I would reply in a loving way. I’m starting to understand that its not that he “doesn’t like to talk to me”, maybe he is just not good at his phone and is really trying hard and I’m not being appreciative of his effort (not knowing him physically also makes it hard), but my being patient actually made him text me more and call me often.

One day, I randomly sent him a text with 10 things I like about him, such as he is respectful, talented, etc…… Followed by a “Have a great day”. I really wasn’t expecting any response back (From Peacefulwife-  SMART GIRL!) but he replied with “10 things he likes about me”, and the number 3 was: “You are peaceful”.

That would have never happened in the past!!!! It made me really happy and its certainly a score to YOU, The Peaceful Wife and God.

I was all about drama and insecurities, but I’m trusting myself, men and most importantly…..God and this is changing for good the relationship with my parents and people around me in general. Im feeling free again.

I still don’t know if we will ever meet in person, but its sure a good practice since its never too late or hard to start the change and hey!!! It’s the little victories, huh???? 🙂

Thank you so much for your ministry, obedience and love for God. I will keep you updated as more things start to patiently unfold.

God bless!!





a word of caution,

we do need to be very careful with our motives, that we are using respect only in obedience to God and to bless our men genuinely, not to manipulate.  Please check out RG’s comment. 🙂

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