In a post on yesterday, I mentioned some of my “triggers.”  These are things that I know will easily tempt me to fall into sinful patterns of thinking and sinful motives.

Some of my biggest triggers that invite me to descend into a sinful spiral of selfishness, bitterness, resentment, self-righteousness, covetousness, discontentment, entitlement, frustration and pride are things like:

  • reading about what “godly husbands should do”
  • reading about the needs women/wives have in relationships
  • reading/hearing a husband/guy pray a long, fervent prayer for his wife/girlfriend
  • hearing/reading a long fervent prayer of a man for me, or just hearing or reading a long, fervent prayer of a godly man in general (that is not my husband). I know this probably seems weird. Maybe it is just me. But, a man who fervently prays and has great faith in God is VERY attractive to me! I have to really put my guard up sometimes in situations like that.
  • even some Christian songs about marriage trigger these thoughts for me, like the one that goes “lead me with strong hands, stand up, when I can’t…”
  • hearing/reading about a man who flirts a lot with his woman and gives her lots of sincere compliments
  • romantic books/movies used to be an issue for me. Not sure if they still are. I don’t have time to read them any more! But it was easy before for me to get caught up in wanting Greg to say and do the things that the romantic lead did in fictional settings. It was easy for me to develop unrealistic expectations and then to feel discontent in my own situation. Not good.

What about you? What things easily trigger sinful thoughts and motives for you to be dissatisfied with what you have and where you are in life and to think that Christ is not enough to bring you real joy, peace, fulfillment, contentment and satisfaction?

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