Greg and April -  when we were in high school - 1990

Greg and April – when we were in high school – 1990

An 11 minute video where I talk about my understanding of the hidden beliefs, motives and foundations that can often be behind our compulsion to try to control others. I think this can be very enlightening information for women to help us to examine our own hearts and lives – PAINFUL at first – but life-giving if we can truly allow God to shine the light of His Word in the darkest corners of our souls and motives. And I think this can also be helpful information for men who love a woman who struggles with control to consider the spiritual depths of the issues may be underlying a woman’s control/disrespect. It is difficult to address an issue until you see the true scope of it.

This is not a “quick fix” thing. For a woman to forsake being controlling/disrespectful and to become a godly, Spirit-filled woman with a gentle and peaceful spirit that does not give way to fear, she will have to personally wrestle with allowing God to completely transform her heart, mind and soul. It is a long process of sanctification. It involves first tearing out all of the lies, worldliness and sin – which can take many weeks or months or longer. And then rebuilding on the foundation of Christ and His Word alone.

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