Trina is a 36 year old single woman who is seeking to live wholeheartedly for Christ, I appreciate her willingness to allow me to share her thoughts and welcome her as a guest contributor:

I feel Christian single women need to get back to their First Love. No one can love us like Jesus can. But how many of us single women know and accept this fact? I think a lot of single Christian ladies just don’t “get it.” If we can better understand His love for us, (although I don’t believe we can ever comprehend it fully in this life) we would not feel lonely and empty..

If it really resonates what He has done for us we would know He is truly enough. 

If we love Him with everything we have, we would not want to grieve Him in any way, including by making an idol of courting or getting married and we wouldn’t want to grieve Him by making the wrong decision in choosing a husband. We should want to please Him in all things.

If we experience true intimacy with Him, and let Him love on us, and if we walk in the Spirit, we wouldn’t get caught up in pleasing our flesh, making emotional decisions, and getting ahead of God. Single Christian women wouldn’t make so many poor choices. Why not?We would slow down and seek the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit. We would truly want to please Him and glorify Him in ALL we do.

Because of knowing Him, knowing how much He already loves us and knowing our worth in Christ, we would not feel rushed, unworthy and unloved or like we are missing out terribly by not being in a relationship.

The world does not know much about real love and true intimacy with God, or within a relationship between a man and a woman, so I am not surprised that many single women are going from fling to fling, boyfriend to boyfriend and in a frenzy to marry – it’s the way they know how to try and fill their deep void. It’s the way they can try to feel worthy.

Because of this frenzy to be in a relationship, unwise choices are often made, lots of stress and grief experienced, and many heartaches had, including broken hearts, STDs, and unnecessary drama. Sadly, Christian women can and do fall into these traps.

I believe Christian single women need to hear of and really grasp a better understanding of how much God really loves them, know their worth to Him, and what HIS plans are for them, how He would have them to live, and how He would have them to be treated.
With this knowledge and understanding, they would be brought to new levels of intimacy with Him, be at peace, experience new heights of joy, and could slow down, and keep God first in everything.

Obedience to Him in all things should be priority.

If it’s His will for them to become involved with a man; with a new and proper understanding of God’s plan for them, they could now have the appropriate standards for men when responding to the pursuit of a potential husband or in courtship. They would not settle for less. They need to love and respect God first and after that should naturally be able to begin to understand the importance of, and how to respect and love their man the way they should.

I believe single Christian women need most to be reminded the importance of keeping God as Lord of their life, (there shall be NO other gods before Him) in all areas, and also need to hear most about the depth of God’s love for them and their worth in His sight.

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