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This post is for the men.

I talk about girls letting the guys lead a good bit.

I often suggest that girls let guys ask them out, let the guys ask for their numbers and be the one to email or call first.  I have seen so many girls smother guys by constantly calling, texting, messaging, etc… without the guy showing any real interest.  I don’t want to encourage the ladies to drop everything for a guy 3 minutes after they meet  for the first time.  My hope is to keep girls from turning a man into an idol and to keep them from being black holes of neediness, and to keep their eyes on Christ as Lord.

And even once there has been a first date or two, I don’t recommend that girls text or call first until the guy decides this is a committed relationship and verbalized that to the girl.  Many girls will seriously text multiple times an hour at this stage, and it is my understanding that most men would not appreciate being smothered like that.

But, I am obviously not a guy.  And I am not on the dating scene right now.  So, I would love for some men to answer some or all of these questions for me so I can write a post about this issue from your point of view as a Christian guy.

You may leave comments in the comment section.

1.   If a godly girl is interested in you, how would you most like her to approach you?

2.  What are some things girls do to try to get a guy’s attention that would repel you?

3. If you ask a girl out and then she does start texting/calling you incessantly, what would you think about wanting to continue to go out with her?

4.  What are some red flags for you when you meet a girl – behavior, lifestyle, dress, speech, mannerisms, etc.

Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for your time and willingness to share!


is there anything you would like to ask the guys?

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