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A Godly man…or man who earnestly follows Christ won’t be lusting after you…he will chat with you, and want to have a DATE with you to see if you have stuff in common, or more! He won’t be dropping sexual hints with you. A real “guy of God” will smile, will look you in the eye instead of undressing you with his eyes.

A real disciple of Christ will want to know about YOU. Not your body.

Remember us men of God are looking for HELPERS! The rest of the world is looking for pleasure only, and it leads to such detachment. Such anger. Such disillusionment. Don’t fall for it!

Fall for a guy that follows Him!

We men have to also mind ourselves. We have to constantly ask ourselves “Hey, am I keeping it real with Christ?” If I like a woman, and want to ask her out, am I asking for the right reasons? Is she just cute? Do I want someone who loves Jesus, and ISN’T afraid of that? If she follows Christ…then I know that will help me with temptations, because she is after the heart of God!

That’s what I guess real “dating” is. It isn’t romance instantly. It  is seeing, observing, and watching for that awesome spiritual fruit of a person; meaning “do they do what they say?”
Real romance grows, and it takes deep roots. It doesn’t instantly happen, and you (man or woman) are deluded and being foolish if you think otherwise.

Is this way harder? Yes. But following Jesus isn’t easy because He expects so much of us, because we are His children. A real parent has expectations ;-)

Every excellent marriage I have known (and I do know a few) and have ever witnessed is when the couple is Christ centered.


Marriage is ultimately a picture of the relationship between Christ and His church. (Ephesians 5:22-33)  The more like Christ a man is – the better husband he will be.  The more godly and Christlike a girl is, the more prepared she will be to be a wonderful wife.  When you have two people pursuing Christ first – that makes a strong, healthy, vibrant relationship and marriage.

Take the time to question the culture and what is considered to be “normal” today.   Much of what it says is completely opposed to God’s Word and His wisdom and His ways.  Seek to honor Christ first in everything – then you will have no regrets.  And you will get to experience the abundant life, peace, joy and adventure God has prepared for you!


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