What Is On Your Heart?

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Hello, ladies!

Now that our family has been able to catch our breath and things are calming down, I want to catch up with y’all!

What topics are on your heart that you would like to see me write about in future posts? Any frustrations you are dealing with where you feel like you could use some encouragement?

Please try to keep the topics general enough so that they could be relatable to other women, as well. I will be glad to read all of the ideas and prayerfully consider them!


Much love!


  1. Nearing my 42nd birthday and I realize that God has most likely said “No” to my requests for a husband and children. There’s a very deep grief that comes with the loss of those dreams. How do I accept and embrace and ENJOY the life I’ve been given and let go of the life I wanted?

    1. jOy,

      My precious sister! My heart aches with you. As women, we tend to build our identity around relationships. These dreams are very deeply rooted in our hearts and souls. And the desire for marriage and motherhood are good desires. I can feel the pain in your words. Wish I could give you the biggest hug!

      I have some posts on this issue written by a dear single sister in Christ.

      And I have some posts I have written on the topic, as well. But it is such an important issue, I will definitely pray about writing more on it.

      I don’t think that this necessarily means you will never marry. But I do think being able to lay down the dream and rest in God’s love and leading will bring a lot of peace as you wait to see all that He wants to do in your life.

      This first post is about how sometimes we can pin all our hopes on our dream of a man, marriage, and children in ways that are not healthy. The desires for these things are good. But if we begin to put our desires for a husband, children, or anything else in the world before Christ, we get into dangerous territory. I don’t know that you are doing that. I know I have done that, myself. If it doesn’t apply, feel free to skip it.

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      Much love to you and a huge hug!

    1. Katie Sorenson,

      That is a very important topic, as well!

      I have written some things about this. And I will definitely consider more posts in the future. Let me know if these are helpful. <3

      Guarding Your Heart and Chastity

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    1. Keyboardphilosopher,
      That is an awesome idea for a post! Thank you for sharing this.

      The following posts may be a blessing. And I will definitely prayerfully consider writing on this topic going forward.

      Overcoming Negativity
      8 Powerful Keys to Real Peace
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      Finding Contentment in Christ Alone in Painful Trials
      A Peaceful Separated Wife (many of the same principles apply to a breakup)
      When Your Husband Says, “I’m Done.” (Again, many of the same principles apply, of course, you don’t have a covenant when you are dating. But this post may still be helpful.)

      Much love!

  2. How to manage/steward our finances well as women (especially as a single woman with student loans, bills, etc.)

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