Greg and April - when we were both in college

Greg and April – when we were both in college

We met when I was 15 and Greg was 16.  We dated 6 years and got married – and this May will be 19 years of marriage!!!!!  I am SO THANKFUL that I am married to Greg and that I have the honor of being his wife!!!!!  What made Greg so special to me that I stayed with him?

There were so many things I admired about him:

  • He loved Jesus and was committed to Him.
  • My Daddy approved of him and liked him.  That was THE most important thing to me, after him being a believer in Christ!  I had always been my Daddy’s girl.
  • He was a good student and made great grades in his honors classes – so I felt like we were fairly evenly matched intellectually.  But he wasn’t prideful about it at all.  That was refreshing!.
  • He made me laugh a lot.
  • He was a gentleman.  He got a job so he could pay for gas money to see me and take me out and take me to restaurants and Christian concerts.
  • He was so generous to my family.  At Christmastime, he would come with a huge black garbage bag – as if he were Santa or something – and he always had wonderful, thoughtful gifts for everyone in my family, including my grandmothers.
  • I felt so connected to him.  We talked for an hour every night – on a phone with a cord!  Cordless phones were yet to be invented.  There was no caller ID.  There was no internet.  There were no cell phones.  Yes, I am that old!   He would tell me about his day for about 25 minutes, then I would talk about my day for 5.  Then was my FAVORITE time – I got to ask him deep questions about spiritual and philosophical things and about our relationship.  That was the best part of my whole day!
  • Greg was very mature for his age – he really stood out compared to the other guys I knew.  He didn’t do silly, ridiculous things to get attention.
  • He knew what he wanted – and he knew how to get it.  He had a quiet, wise strategy about him.
  • He treated me like I was the most precious and valuable girl in the world.
  • He didn’t rush me or push me to go farther than I wanted to.  He didn’t rush my emotions.  He respected my body.
  • He made going to church a huge priority and we had very similar theological views.
  • He had a quiet confidence about him – not arrogance at all – but a very attractive confidence in himself as a man.
  • He protected my twin sister and me when there were guys who troubled us and wouldn’t leave us alone.
  • He got along really well with everyone in my family.
  • He played with my little brother a lot.
  • His older brother had met his future wife when he was in 10th grade – and Greg was already looking for wife material and a long term commitment, not just a girlfriend.
  • He was EXTREMELY stable emotionally and spiritually.
  • Greg almost never lost his temper.  He had a great deal of patience and self-control.
  • Greg didn’t yell.  He was not an angry guy.
  • He got along well with adults.
  • His parents were Christians, his Dad was a pastor and they had a solid marriage.
  • Greg enjoyed life and lived in the moment.  He knew how to relax and savor life.  I really admired that and was intrigued by the way he lived his life.
  • He was trusting and never acted jealous of the friends I had at my school.  We went to different high schools.  He did wonder why so many of my friends were guys.  I just thought guys were easier to talk to than girls.  But he knew that I was completely trustworthy and he didn’t question me or try to control me at all.
  • When we saw someone that needed help – Greg didn’t think twice, he would stop and help them.  That impressed me a lot.
  • He was a very responsible driver and he was responsible with money.
  • He was extremely athletic – he had played high school football until the year I met him.  He was strong and muscular, but I always knew I was safe with him.  He NEVER raised a hand to me or yelled at me or abused me in any way.  He was a complete gentleman and I could trust him.
  • He took such good care of me when I was sick.  He would get me anything I needed.  Even when I had mono in 11th grade and none of my other friends would come to my house – he would call me at lunch every day to check on me and come visit me on the weekends and cuddle with me.  He was very thoughtful and would get tissues or soup or whatever I wanted when I was sick.
  • He was so understanding of my hormones.  I can remember getting on him one time about our relationship and how it wasn’t going the way it should and there were so many problems… He calmly said, “Your period is going to start tomorrow.”  I got so angry!  “That has NOTHING to do with this!”  And I continued on about what I thought needed to be changed ASAP in our relationship.  Then the next day, my period started, and my emotions were fine.  Hmmm.  Maybe he was right!
  • He never wavered.  He was devoted to me from day one.  He never gave me any reason not to trust him. He was loyal and faithful and committed to me.



I couldn’t ask for a better man.  I am extremely thankful for God’s gift to me in Greg.  I’m extremely grateful to be his wife.  I count myself to be the most blessed woman on the planet.

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