God has blessed women with an incredible verbal ability.  Our brains are designed very differently from the way men’s brains are designed.  God did that very purposely!  He made us unique in specific ways so that we could best fulfill the plans He had for us as women.

God knows and records every single word and thought we have.   He knows the hidden motives of our hearts.  One day everything we have ever thought, spoken or done will be revealed publicly before God.  Thankfully, if we have Jesus as our Savior and Lord-  His blood will cover our sins.  God will forgive us the way that we forgive others who sin against us.

When we are controlled by our sinful nature – we use our highly developed verbal skills to destroy and bring death to those around us by:

  • having a critical/judgmental spirit
  • blaming others
  • gossipping to try to vent our bitterness, our pride and how “right” we are and how we are being victimized
  • puffing up with pride – thinking we know best so it is our duty to tell other people to do things our way
  • using sarcasm
  • complaining
  • arguing – making a huge case for ourselves
  • accusing others of evil motives and wrong doing (that is Satan’s job! – when we do this, we are cooperating with him instead of God’s Spirit)
  • yelling/screaming/cussing
  • name calling
  • character assassination
  • verbally cutting down others
  • vicious verbal attacks
  • emotionally “vomiting” all over those we love
  • promoting divisions and factions among friends and family by tearing down other people and trying to get people to take our side against someone

When we are controlled by God’s Spirit (because we have accepted the gift of Jesus’ death in our place, His payment for our wrongdoing – and we give our life completely to Him to serve Him AND we are not cherishing sin in our hearts), God empowers us to breath life to others with our words by:

  • praising other people for a job well done
  • having a thankful heart in every situation and verbally expressing our thanksgiving and gratitude to God and to others
  • having a heart full of praise for God all through the day and speaking verses, worship songs and the truth of God’s Word out loud to others
  • receiving compliments and gifts graciously – with a smile and a sincere, “Thank you VERY much!   You are SO thoughtful/generous/kind!”
  • telling people how precious they are to us, how important they are (verbally fulfilling the 2nd greatest commandment to love others as ourselves)
  • sharing all of our emotions (without blaming, arguing, criticizing, condemning or complaining), telling people we are: happy, excited, thrilled, thankful, joyful, content, peaceful, nervous, upset, sad, afraid, overwhelmed – etc.
  • asking for what we need in a straightforward, simple way – not expecting others to read our minds and not trying to use manipulation to get our way – AND being able to graciously accept “no” from others
  • praying for others alone or in groups
  • blessing others with our words
  • using wholesome words to build others up and benefit those who listen
  • carefully handling the Word of truth
  • speaking with a pleasant, controlled, friendly tone of voice
  • having a pleasant, friendly, loving expression on our face (unless we are sad or upset)
  • saying only positive things about others
  • speaking respectfully to people and about people – even to God and even in our hearts
  • being polite and well-mannered

The book His Brain, Her Brain by Dr. Walt Larimore MD is full of some of the amazing ways that God made women and men different and complementary to each other – Great resource!

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