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God gave us as women an incredible verbal ability and gift.  I believe He did this so that we might greatly bless others with words of life, inspiration, nurturing, edification, godly truth and encouragement!

Some life-giving words our men/families/friends/siblings need to hear from us –  (they MUST be genuine and sincere from our hearts – do not say these things if you don’t mean them! Not all of these will apply to all relationships):

  • I’m SO proud of you for _________!
  • I LOVE YOU just the way you are!
  • I love you because you are you.
  • I am the luckiest/most blessed girl in the world to get to be here with you!
  • You are so precious to me!
  • I love being your friend/sister/girlfriend/fiance
  • Being with you is my favorite part of the day.
  • You are my HERO!  Thank you SO much for saving the day! (When someone helps you)
  • I love your sense of humor/wit/intelligence/talents/personality/creativity/musical ability.
  • You are such a blessing to me.  I’m glad God gave you to me.
  • I am the happiest girl in the world to your friend/sister/daughter/girlfriend!
  • Sure, I have time to listen.  What’s on your heart?
  • I can’t wait to hear all about your day.
  • You have such wonderful ideas!
  • I am so glad/thankful to be here with you right now.
  • (When someone spills something, makes a mess) It’s ok.  No big deal.  Let me help you clean that up! 🙂
  • Our relationship is a huge gift from God to me.
  • Your feelings are important to me.
  • Your ideas are important to me.
  • I admire your insights and wisdom.
  • What do you think?
  • Let’s do something FUN together!
  • What would YOU like to do today?
  • What’s on your heart today?
  • You’re my favorite person! / You are one of my favorite people!
  • I’m so glad you are the way you are.
  • Being with you is such a blessing!/a gift!
  • Thank you SO MUCH!
  • I appreciate all that you do for me.
  • My life is so much richer because you are in it.
  • I am so happy right here with you.
  • I trust you.
  • I have faith in you.
  • I believe in you.
  • I respect you.
  • I admire you because of __________.
  • I look up to you.  The way you ___________ makes me want to be more like you.
  • I’ll never give up on you.
  • I am so sorry.  I was wrong.
  • I apologize.
  • Of course I forgive you.

How about you?

What life-giving, affirming, wholesome, beautiful words do you use to build up your friends and those you love?

What are some of the most meaningful things your parents/boyfriend/mentor/friend said to you that built you up and made you a stronger, better person?


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