It is VERY, VERY easy to get caught up in the hype of the wedding industry and the world and to allow our priorities, goals, dreams and desires for our wedding to become all about earthly things, as we talked about in “Dream Disney Weddings”.



– to make the wedding an idol – something more important to her than Jesus

– to make the wedding more important than the marriage

– to make the wedding more important than her fiancé or her family

– to make worldly romance the most important thing in the wedding and marriage

– to take on a very worldly, selfish concept of being a bride and making it “all about her” and buying the idea that it is “her day” instead of “their day” for God’s glory

– to be consumed by materialism – lavish dresses, expensive floral decorations, expensive music, extravagant  food, lavish cakes, lavish parties – and to allow things to become the focus instead of Christ, marriage and her husband-to-be

from www.disneyweddings.com

from www.disneyweddings.com

– to focus more on preparing for and planning the wedding than the marriage

– to focus more on what she wants for the wedding  instead of on who she is in Christ and what Christ wants

– to allow herself to treat others with contempt, resentment, bitterness, hatred or unforgiveness if she does not get what she wants for the wedding

– to expect a wedding, a ring or a husband to bring her contentment, joy, purpose and fulfillment in life instead of finding all of that in Christ alone

– to have control, to force her own way, to demand that things must be done the way she thinks is best at any cost

– to ignore her fiance’s desires, wishes, needs, goals, feelings and ideas and make the wedding and the marriage all about her

– to choose a dress that reveals much of her body that may present a stumbling block to other men at the wedding

– to make fantasy, romance, feeling loved, feeling happy in the moment, and “perfection” the most important things

– to pursue worldly beauty – make up, hair styles, nails, dress, etc… – without pursuing godly beauty

– to demand and expect “happily ever after” by her own definition every moment of her wedding and every moment of every day in marriage afterwards

– to gladly go into great debt in order to fund the wedding, even though the cost and  stress level will be very high later on financially

– to have a sense of entitlement, “I deserve the best and most luxurious things!”

– to expect her fiancé to wait on her and cater to her every moment

– pride



A reader's frugal, Christ-centered wedding

A reader’s frugal, Christ-centered wedding



– to have realistic expectations of what a wedding and marriage will actually be like and being able to be flexible, trusting God’s sovereignty, being able to roll with things that don’t go “perfectly”

– to seek to honor Christ above all else

– to seek to BE a godly woman and to prepare to be a godly wife and to discover how to please Christ as a wife and as a woman

– to not allow the plans and material things to distract her from her walk with Christ

– to make sure the wedding ceremony and celebration exalts Christ Jesus and His design for marriage, masculinity and femininity – to be sure Jesus is central – not Mickey Mouse, a castle, a fairy tale, a fictional story, lavish decorations or expensive locations/food/entertainment

– to treat others with kindness, courtesy, good manners, civility, friendliness and gentleness – including the wedding planner, the baker, the florist, her family, the photographer, the musicians, the pastor, her guests , his family, her family and her groom

– to pursue the godly beauty of a gentle and peaceful spirit that does what is right and does not give way to fear 1 Peter 3:5-6

– to pursue modesty, chastity, good deeds and God’s pleasure and approval

– to seek to choose a modest wedding dress

– to be humble, to realize that the primary purpose of marriage is to display the incredible intimacy and oneness between Christ and His church and to seek to play her part in a godly marriage as a Spirit-filled wife, representing the love, honor, respect, submission and adoration of the church for Jesus in the way she treats her husband

– to be grateful and thankful for her groom and for the wedding no matter what the budget

–  to focus on her own growth and spiritual character

– to not be swayed by worldly desires for expensive, lavish, temporary earthly things

–  to be sure to keep Christ, her husband and the marriage in their proper places of priority way above the wedding

– to be willing to allow her husband-to-be to have influence and input into the wedding ceremony and celebration and to submit to his leadership and honor his desires and feelings

–  to set a godly example to all who meet her of a Christlike bride-to-be

a reader's frugal, Christ centered wedding

a reader’s frugal, Christ centered wedding

– to treat all others with respect and honor, especially her groom, his family and her family

– to be sensitive to any promptings of the Holy Spirit and to be fully yielded to Him and to desire to walk in total obedience to God

–  to be willing to listen to wise, godly, biblical counsel

– to be prepared to extend grace, mercy and forgiveness to her husband, understanding she will be sinned against at times

– to be humble and not assume she is “always right” or she “always knows best” but to leave room for God’s wisdom and her groom’s wisdom

– to share her feelings, desires and needs respectfully, politely and humbly and to respond graciously even if she doesn’t get what she wants

– to be prepared to stay in the marriage until death parts her from her husband no matter what

– to understand that suffering, trials, sickness, financial hardship and problems will come and to be prepared to lean on Christ for strength, knowing He will use trials to strengthen her faith and to make her more like. Christ (James 1)

– to seek to build up, affirm, respect, encourage, bless and do good to her groom

– to seek to yield to her new husband’s God-given leadership and authority in the marriage (Ephesians 5:22-33, I Corinthians 11:3, Colossians 3:18, Titus 2:3-5) so that Christ might be glorified in her marriage and that the Word of God might not be maligned

– to have a servant’s heart, ready to seek to serve and bless others, especially her groom


a reader’s frugal, Christ centered wedding

Dream Disney Weddings



Our frugal wedding ($4000  wedding for 300+ people in 1994)

Our frugal wedding ($4000 wedding for 300+ people in 1994)


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