April at Folly Beach, SC

April at Folly Beach, SC

I just want to stop and let each of you know how much I love you – my sisters and my brothers who read this blog. What a gift that we get to be on this journey to get to know an love Christ more together! What an honor to get to know each other more deeply and to share our struggles and victories together! What a privilege to get to pray for one another and to pray for the Body of Christ around the world together!

One of the things I most look forward to – when this short life is over – is the chance I will have to get to meet so many of you face to face. You are on my mind throughout each day. How I pray for you and desire God’s very best for each of you. I hurt and grieve with you over your struggles and pain. I rejoice over the victories Christ brings in your lives. For me, the time we share together is a labor of love. I can’t keep the Treasure of Christ to myself. I long to allow Him to pour through me into your lives.

You bless me, too. You sharpen me. You have amazing questions. You make me have to think through things and wrestle with God’s Word in new ways that help me grow. You share your struggles and you share what God is doing in your lives. I love it when you share the things God is showing you and all that you are learning. I have no greater joy than when I get to hear about the way God has changed one of you and how you are walking in greater peace and joy in Christ! I love to hear how God is ministering to others through you and how He is enriching your friendships, church relationships, family relationships, and romantic relationships.

What a joy that we get to share this road together in Christ! I don’t know that I can adequately express my love for you. But – I wanted to try. I cherish each of you and pray for God to complete His good work in you that He began in Christ Jesus.

Much love!!!


Above all, love each other deeply… I Peter 4:8

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